Friday, June 11, 2010


One challenge I find with the CSA box is finding ways of preserving the veggies that I'm not able to eat right away.

For example, I know what to do with mint - Mojitos! But the amount of mint they put in the box is enough for 8 mojitos, which is about 6 more mojitos than I'm able to drink in a week.

So I'm trying an experiment: Sugar is a preservative, and simple syrup is an ingredient in my mojito recipe, so I decided to muddle enough mint for 2 mojitos in enough simple syrup for 2 mojitos and store it that way in the fridge.

The mint I used was already turning a little brown - so that's why the mint looks like this in the picture. I'll check on it in a week or so to see how it holds up.


After a couple of weeks, the mint turned brown. Not only that, but when I strained the mint out, the syrup was brown, too.

I made the mojito anyway. It tasted fine, but the color was unappetizing, and I missed having the actual mint in the cocktail.

So this doesn't work; good to know.

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